Make leasing the first option, not the final option

Partners who offer leasing via Exclusive Capital are able to:

  • Convert more sales opportunities
  • Get paid more quickly, improving business cashflow
  • Differentiate their offering in the market
  • Reduce their costs of sale
  • Pursue bigger deals without financial or reputational risk
  • Extend more valuable, strategic customer relationships

The potential is limitless with deal sizes, even though your credit line with distributors/vendors is restricted.  That’s because – unlike normal sales where you can’t place the order without sufficient credit – with Exclusive Capital leasing you aren’t held liable for the debt.  With our leasing you’ll always be able to sell big, regardless of your vendor/distributor credit limit.

Your customers value a strategic, long-term IT outlook.  By offering leasing, you retain a more valuable relationship.  In practical terms, instead of repeatedly sourcing technology whenever needs arise, Exclusive Capital partners help their customers experience an evolving IT journey to meet continually changing business objectives.