Frequently asked questions

Can Exclusive Capital cover subscriptions and support and not just hardware?

YES. We recognise every kind of IT asset and service, not only physical equipment.

Can I include solutions from multiple vendors in my contract?

YES. This makes it easier for you to roll out entire projects.  Ask your Exclusive Capital representative for details of any restrictions.

Can I typically get a lease agreed within a couple of working days?

YES. Many are agreed the same day, but it’s best to plan 2-3 working days – just in case.

If I need to, can I change the terms of my lease after it has started?

YES. It is possible to renegotiate – for example – payment holidays and repayment amounts.  Please note that terms and conditions will apply.

What about adding equipment to my lease in the future – is this possible?

YES. We can simply add new assets to the master contract and even add this to your single regular repayment.

Will my lease repayment figure remain the same, regardless of what happens to prime lending rates?

YES. Your agreed rate of interest will be fixed for the term, irrespective of your jurisdiction or whether market rates rise or fall during the period.

Can I buy out or cancel my lease during its term?

YES.  However, neither of these options is likely to offer any economic advantage as you may be subject to charges. These will be communicated in full before you agree the contract.


Please contact us if you have any further questions, or to arrange a lease.